A. In our first part our task is to test the existing normalizer against some defined test cases.

B. This is the major part of our project where we will develop a compactifier for RuleML
which will invert the existing normalizer. Due to its functioning we have named our tool as ROC: RuleML official Compactifier. The ROC will first check the missing stripes in the XML and will place them wherever needed. Then it will check the canonical order of the stripes in the element. After the canonical check is performed it will remove all the stripes from the element to convert it into a fully skipped form which will help in obtaining our objective to make the XML element fully compact as is explicit from the name. We will be implementing our tool in the XSLT 2.0.

C. The inverse form obtained from the second step will be composed for round tripping which will lead to improvement of both the suites obtained from a and b part.
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